Customer Service Consulting

Barbara Bassill is an expert and consults on creating great customer service. Very few companies get it right, or even fully understand the value to their business of a great customer service department.

Happy and satisfied customers will spread the word and become loyal followers and customers. Unhappy customers will quickly spread the word of their poor, unresponsive service, and with a lot of emotion and energy.

What does it take to create great customer service?  LISTEN

Listen carefully to your customer.

Show Interest in their issue or problem.

Share with them how this would make you feel if it had happened to you.

Talk from your heart, not from a computer screen or from your head or from being defensive. Let it all go and talk from your heart.

Encourage the customer that together, you will help them resolve their issues and get them satisfied with the outcome.

Notice the energy level of the customer you are talking with. If they are calm and feeling better, you have done a good job and given great customer service.  If they are still agitated and unhappy, ask: ” how can I assist you even more in this situation?  What will make this “better or right” for you?” Then proceed through the 6 steps again.

Ultimately, the happier your customer is with the care you give them, the greater are the chances that your business will thrive.  This does not mean that you “give away the shop”, it does however mean that you CARE and most of all that you LISTEN without ever being defensive!  A happy customer is like a happy lover.  They will always come back for more.


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