Well, following up on my blog from yesterday about Monsterday, I thought I share a poem, my Mom came up with when I was a little girl.

I used get sick a lot, nowadays I think it was all emotional, but back then it was quite serious. I was sick probably every other month and had to miss school. Most of the time it had something to do with my stomach. My mother had bought me a book called: Pünkelmann. It was a story of a fairy type of person, doing wonderful things in the world.

And one time, when I was actually seriously ill, my mom wrote this poem. I know only my German speaking family and friends will understand it.  Sorry, I will try at some point to translate it into English.

Here it is, Poem about Pünkelmann by Margaret Linnenbecker:

“Lieber, kleiner Pünkelmann,

schau Dir Barbara mal an,

Wieder mal liegt sie im Bett,

Kranksein, ist doch gar nicht nett,

Bitter schmeckt die Medizin,

Und so heiss, die Bäckchen glühn,

Draussen spielen kann sie nicht,

Darum komm Du kleiner Wicht,

Hilf ihr schnell die Zeit vertreiben,

die sie noch im Bett muss bleiben,

wenn sie dann bald aufstehn kann,

freust auch Du Dich, Pünkelmann.

So, for all of you who have had “terrible experiences” with your mom and for me in a way, too. Here’s to our Moms, because maybe just maybe they did their best. And this goes for my mom, and my friends’ moms, who maybe have not thought about this.




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