Perfectionism Adieu

For the last few weeks, I have been writing several blogs. I often wake up very early in the morning, my friends call me “The Rooster”, and I have some inspirations or an idea and I just have to sit down on my computer and start writing. Many mornings, the words just pour out of me and I can’t stop until my story or idea is on “paper”.

However, I have gotten into the habit to ask “others” to help me edit what I wrote. So, I will get an edited version back in my inbox and then I re-read it and edit it some more. Then I hover over it for a few more days and often–at least in the last few weeks–that is where the story, idea or inspiration stays. Unfinished in my inbox. Waiting for the “right moment” to let it out and publish it. Once it’s perfect.

Well, I am having such an inspiration right now and it’s called: Perfectionism Adieu.

So what if I have a typo in the story, or possibly misspelled a word? Does it really matter? I am not writing an application for an internship at the White House or at IBM or Apple. I am writing from my heart. I feel a story, I experience a “download” and I just got to write it down.

And that is exactly what I am doing at this moment and……..I intend to continue to do so…….and if anyone who reads this or other stories and instant inspirations appearing on this blog sees a typo or “mistake”……well then please overlook it and if you cannot…….then ask yourself this question: What if intentionally put it there just so that I can say…….

Perfectionism Adieu!

So, there you have it. I am done with being perfect. Imperfect or as I like to call un-perfect is the new “in”.

Have yourself a lovely day, evening and week.

From my heart to yours.




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