Every morning when my alarm goes off or most mornings when I wake up by myself, I stay in bed and remain still. I often have a conversation with God and ask for Blessings for the day. I also have a little ritual whereby I express gratitude to having woken up, for having my husband in my life, my three wonderful children, my friends and to be living where I live. Most important is to me that I stay away from taking things, life and wonderful situations for granted.

So I pull out my little journal and write down at least 5 things I truly am grateful for. I have heard often said that gratitude and/or acknowledgement cannot cover the same space with fear. How GREAT is that?

When “fear” enters my space of mind, I jump into gratitude and acknowledgement and every time it saves me from experiencing this horrible fear. It’s gone!

It does take a little practice! However it is so worth it!

Try it out! It works!



Barbara Bassill



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