I just sent out an email to my Heart-Centered Business friends!  The theme is “paying it forward”.

What does this mean? Paying it forward? It means that you/we/I do something for someone in advance without expecting anything in return. It’s like practicing a random act of kindness or expressing loving stewardship. I love this topic and subject. It makes my heart feel good when I do something wonderful for someone else and when I choose to do so without RECOGNITION.

Why without recognition? Well, then the loving is really just done for the loving sake and not the reward! Thus I am practicing this paying it forward, random acts of kindness without being found out!

No OSCAR for this one!  Yet, the OSCAR may appear in a very different way.  No good deed in this universe goes unnoticed.  It’s like a boomerang.  Ahhhhhh, so now you might think, you’re going to do “this” for the goodness to come back to you?  Well, that won’t either!  The “Universe” KNOWS!

Do it just for the loving sake!  Do it just for the Blessings of another soul sake! Do it just for the giving sake!

Yep that is the formula!  Sounds simple! Easy? Well it might take some inner work first!  



In loving and with ease and grace,


Barbara Bassill


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