The Westwind is Blowing In Some Goodness

Feels like something good is brewing.

Feels like looking out of the “nursery window” and feeling the breeze.

Feels like the wind is bringing something like a Mary Poppins in some form. With a great big handbag full of goodies.

Maybe goodies in the form of gold coins. Oh! Feels so real right now. Yes indeed!

The west wind is blowing in some goodness.

Good ole Mr. Moon is shining over the ocean.

He’s making all the waves look like silver necklaces and he is smiling down on me. He’s actually giving me a wink.

Ha! I knew it. It’s true. Downloads are real. Spirit is a friend. A trusted Friend. I love it.

The West Wind is blowing us goodness. Good things are bound to happen for us!

I feel it!

I sense it!

I know it in my heart!

Voila! Good Night all. Sweet dreams. Till Tomorrow, sleep well!



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