The Tides of Time

The Tides of Time

It’s Christmas Day. My daughter left early in the morning to be with her boyfriend’s family–first time in 10 years-Tides of Time.

My youngest, my son, who’s 19 came over-hallo-at 9 AM to quickly open presents only to leave again with his girlfriend and to be with her family.

My oldest son left a little while ago to be with his friends and then to go to his girlfriend’s home and have Christmas dinner there.

All in all: The Tides of Time.  So how do I a mother of three, who has done Christmas Eve and then Christmas morning and to top it all off with a Turkey Christmas Day dinner feel about this?

Well, at first I was ok.  Then I went into something like sadness but covered it up by watching movies, cuddled up with my hubby on the couch over-eating left-overs.  And now?

Well, here I am, reflecting on all of this.  It’s the Tides of Time!  It’s time for me to let go.  It’s time for me to let my little ones, though not so little anymore, fly out of the nest and go their way.  OUCH!

It’s time for me to accept that life is no longer the way it’s always been. My kids are young adults now.  They have their own life.  They love their partners and they make choices which are best for them.  OUCH.

Yes, I am sitting here, contemplating all of that and then again I gain ALTITUDE.  I pulled out a little children’s book I used to read to the kids when they were little: ” More Altitude Quick”.  Thus, I follow suit.  I am gaining altitude.

Altitude and attitude about my perceptions of all of this.  Altitude about me and how I will be or might be from now on and mainly the holidays.  It was such a wonderful Christmas Eve, celebrating with all of my “babies” and hubby and all.  How wonderful.  And so now here I am getting to reflect and also to refelct on me.  Reflect on my thoughts about this all.

The Tides of Time: I am no longer a mother of little children.  My kids are grown ups.  They have their own lives.  Accept, acceptance the first law of Spirit comes to mind.

So, here I am and I accept.  I am ok.  I am going to watch another movie and tomorrow I will go to the movies with my husband and I am ok.  Life is good.  Life is changing.  The traditions are changing.  The Tides of Time.

The Tide comes and goes.  It’s always moving and flowing and so I am deciding to be like the “tide”.  Moving, flowing, going with the flow.  Hallelujah!  I can do this!

To all Moms, to all Dads, to all parents and whoever who has experienced similar situations like this in their life: Here is to you and to all you have learned from this!

Blessings of Christmas and the Holidays to all of you!  Life is good!  Living under Grace and with Grace and Ease!




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  1. buddhafulme
    Dec 26, 2013 @ 03:22:58

    Sista babs… let kigjt surround your sweet heart!♥ blessings. Jude


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