Loving Yourself

I love this song from Barbra Streisand in which she talks about “Loving yourself is the greatest gift of all”.  After yesterday’s Post, I thought, I practice some self-honoring choices.  I DID!  

  • Slept in, thank God I didn’t have to work today!
  • Made my favorite cup of coffee
  • Read in one of my favorite books
  • Meditated
  • Made a delish breakfast
  • Talked to my wonderful friend, Lorin, we had such a delightful talk
  • Going to see a movie now:”Saving Mr. Banks”.

Life is good when I CHOOSE to make it good.  Still working on mastering this skill and yet recognizing I am getting closer.  

Women and Mothers do so much!  Yes, of course, Dads too (:……..and yet there is often so much more on our shoulders.  We can juggle and we can multi-task…….and often we are left behind with all this DOING.

In the movie “Lilo and Stitch” there is a line where Lilo says:”Ohana(?) means family and family means no-one gets left behind”.  Thus I will use this as one of my mantras.  No-one gets left behind.  Meaning “ME”, I no longer will leave myself behind anyone, no-one.  I am choosing to make self-honoring choices. Treating myself with respect and loving, just like I give to my children, my husband, my family and my friends.

Thus: Cheers all!

Loving yourself is the greatest gift of all!

With Blessings, 



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