Independence Day

What a word and what a day!  I have been thinking about this all weekend.  What does Independence actually mean?  Or mean to me?  For me it means that I stand up and speak up for what it is I want in a loving, holistic way.  I watched a movie the other night, an old one from the 80’s, called ” Not without my daughter”.  Wow, what a powerful statement of Independence in a loving, caring and motherly kind of a way.  You ought to watch it, if you can make the time. It’s very powerful!  It’s all about Independence and loving independently.  Being one with that is and being my own best.  That’s at least what came forward for me during the movie and afterwards.  It takes a strong person to be independent.  It took me a long time to come to this conclusion as well as to it’s realization.  I talked about it a lot in the past.  But I didn’t really live it.  NOW I do, NOW I am willing to do it.  It’s fascinating.  My friend, Andrea, just got her Independence, though I think she’s not totally aware of it.  She’s originally from a communistic country and she escpaed here to the US a long time ago.  She seemd like she was living Independence but I think in her own words and mind, she really wasn’t.  Now she is.  Is it scarry?  Is it easy?  Hell, no!  But she’s doing it and she’s is such a trooper about it.  I admire her.  She’s doing it one day at a time like they say in Al-Anon.  Anyways, Independence, is the ticket, for all of us.  Not just on Fourth of July.  It’s our own journey, our own individual path that leads us to our own realization and our own Independence!


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