Mother Hotness versus Mother Loving

Oh my G.., I just watched a show on TV and I couldn’t believe what I saw.  Here are some wonderful young mothers, quite frankly pretty hot for Mamas, and their babies or toddlers or even young children.  The question in the room was:  “How to be a hot Mama?”

What does that mean “a hot Mama”.  Hey, I think mothers are very sexy and hot!  No matter what!  But then in the show they proceeded to show how the “looks” of the mothers were more important than the Moms taking care of their children.  NOW HERE STOPS THE BUCK!

Hey, I have been a model for 30 years, have been on covers all over the world, I know what it means to live in the glam light and also to be in limos, looking good and feeling good.  YET, when we step into our motherhood, there is some transformation that takes place.  No, not change.  No, we do not need to turn into Walking Whoppers either.  However, there is indeed a place where we as Moms can look good, feel good AND also take care of our children at the same time.  Hey, some of us even work, and full time at that, hello!

Yeah, I know going to the Gym at 6 AM isn’t for everyone–though I highly suggest it for your consideration–but hey, motherhood is something sacred.  

What a Blessings, a gift from God we receive as women to have this baby.  So many of us cannot experience that.  It’s a treasure, it’s a gift, a Blessing.

So, would I choose to make my make-up session or my nail appointment or my hairdresser appointment more VITAL than a dental appointment for my child, or a dance lesson or a speech therapist lesson?

C’mom, ladies, you are giving away your legislative power to some myth out there.  Having your child and being a mom is such a blessing.  So live with it, enjoy it and be it.  Now:  does this mean you are going to gain 100 pounds, sit on the couch , watch TV and do nothing?  NO! NO! NO!

Absolutely not.  It means you have been given a gift from Divine Mother to take care of this being for this life time.  Thus step up to the plate, be the mother-warrior inside and do it.  Yes, it may mean you get little sleep and you cannot go out with the girls tonight.  It may also mean you may have to cancel or re-schedule the nail appointment.

But let me ask you a question:  How many times has a nail appointment REALLY got you to your heart?  How many times did you walk out of the hair salon and thought: wow this is the most awesome thing in my life.  YET, have you been to a recital of your child?  Or maybe a Karate tournament, or a soccer game?  How does it feel when you child walks of the court or mat and feels like they have given their best?  They poured their heart out for their team and for their sport.  They were all in!  What does THAT feel like? How does that compare to the manicure or pedicure or hairdresser appointment?

Not sure what your answer is, but here it is:

We are all Images of Divine Mother and I believe she has no attachments to her looks.  She is radiant, beautiful and brilliant, yet most of the time in her heart.

Are you in your heart as a Mom?  Is your child’s heart more meaningful to you than your looks?  Check it out!  Maybe even become aware of it, it may help to clarify matters for you.

As for me, I am glad I am doing what I am doing.  Following my heart and listening to my Inner Intuition.

Here’s to all Mothers!





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  1. Megha Patel
    Jun 05, 2013 @ 02:35:33

    This is a really powerful message and I comend you for sharing it. I think we just want to be socially accepted – but we need to think where to draw the line and at what cost! Thank you very much!


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