Wow, the word “expectations” can throw me into a “fit”…….so I learned that to release and surrender and give up my expectations is “the ticket”.  Wow, do I even want this ticket?

Ahhhhh, so I realize, being in my heart regardless of what is going on, is indeed “the ticket”. Otherwise I only set myself up for something I really didn’t want. Easier said than done.  Yet:  

Thus, I am choosing to let go of expectations!  YES, I am making a commitment to let go of expectations.  They do not serve me, they do not help me and they only have me end up in a horrible state of mind.  So, let go of them, too, if you can.

Life is beautiful when I live and stay in the moment and let go and let GOD!  I deserve to be in the moment and to love my family, my friends and people in general without expectations.


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