Sales calls–Annoyance calls

Just got a call from AAA–they wanted to know if “a person in my family” wanted to extend their membership.  They asked the typical annoying question of :” Hi how are you?”  As if they truely care how I am.  What a lie!  Then they proceeded on to tell me some things, which I did not want to take the time to listen to.  When I told them, to take us off the phone list, the guy on the other end felt offended.  OMG, he’s calling me, Friday afternoon, I have my own thing to do and he’s aggrivated because I am not listening to his sale’s speel.  Anyways, I cooled myself down and said to myself this:  

What if these “guys” who call of us all the time, at night, during dinner, at lunch, during our afternoon, on the weekends, what if they would actually say that they are calling from such and such a company.  Is this a good time to talk?  Hey, and if not, then be honest and that’s it.  “Yes lives in the land of no” and maybe they will have to go through a lot of no’s before they can get to a yes.  But it seems they haven’t been trained for that.  It feels to me as if they think they have the right to tell me what to do and what to choose or vote for.  Really annoying!  Disturbs my peace!

Oh well, so now I am letting this all go and go on with my day and my wonderful weekend ahead!




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