How to Dress

Has anyone of you noticed lately how the ladies in the White House as well as in the public eye are dressed?  Not sure, if I am off with my opinion, but quite frankly, it’s not that great.  I am sure they all have everyone that can help, but, oh well, in my opinion, it’s quite pathetic.  Even our First Lady. What a beautiful lady she is, and yet her dresses or dressing is–well–quite outdated and not just up to par as I would call it.  She has a pear shape and thus needs to pay attention to that.  In my opinion.  I am wondering who is suggesting her attire.  It’s so off the wall and not sophisticated, nor elegant and just not great for her pear body shape.  Other ladies in the house or even in congress have the same situation.  Sad!  I wish I could help them!  Anyways, wanted to know what all of you are thinking.


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