Victory to the Spirit within us

I was reading in a book called: “Whispers from Eternity” by Paramahansa Yogananda.  There is one phrase in there that has been so helpful to me.  It has assisted me to deal with the “qualifiers” or “stackers” in my life.  For those of you familiar with a 12 step program and/or USM, teachings of Spiritual Psychology, you will know “who” I am talking about.

So here is an exceprt from ” Whispers of Eternity” by Yogananda:

” Teach me, oh Father, to seek the soul’s lasting happiness, rather than sense pleasures. Strengthen my will power that I escape from bad habits and reform myself by meditation and the influence of spiritually minded companions.  Give me the wisdom to follow happily the ways of righteousness…….so that I direct my life by the God given power of free choice……”

I truly love this and it deeply resonates with my soul.  I hope this saying can do the same for all of you.  Make this day YOUR DAY of FREE CHOICE.  I make this day, make a difference in my life and the life of others!  Do know that there are others who are sharing your experience and are going through the same or similar situations like you.  I know this to be true from years of working with people.  I am sending light to all people I meet and talk with today.

With Blessings.

Barbara-your life coach


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