Like yourself

I learned a great tool in an Insight University program called: The Awakening Heart.  In the past I didn’t want to acknowldge myself or even like myself~that felt phony.  What I learned in that workshop many years ago is that “Love your neighbor like you love yourself”.  Thus the AHA here is: love myself first, then I can love others because I know how it feels and how to do it AND there is nothing wrong with loving myself.  THUS, when you have a website or something to share and you see the “like it” button PUSH it, CLICK it, be a cheerleader for yourself and to yourself!  Yeah, you like what you wrote, shared or did.  And you go ahead and like it and let the world know that you like what you did.  Guess what others will follow!  Be bold and courageous and like yourself, like your posts and ask others to like them too!  Ask and you shall receive!  I LIKE it!


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