In Gratitude

I just wrote a blog earlier about “loving ourselves” and liking what we do and give to the world.  I am touched in deepest gratitude about this email testimonal I received from Kelley, who directed the Teen Insight programs in Santa Monica for years.  I would like to share it with you:

“Barbara has been an angel for me and for Youth Insight. ¬†A year ago, she was volunteering with her youngest son, Brandon, who was the “last” one in the family to have gone through the Insight Teen programs, in one of our seminars. ¬†Barbara was so inspired by the teens and what they were learning that she asked me how she could help to make this work available for more teens all over the country. ¬†From that one conversation on a lunch break, and subsequent brainstorming meetings, we decided to start a Youth Insight Fundraising Committee to generate funds to ensure that we can continue producing Our Heart-Centered Educational Seminars in support of the younger generation with life, communication and leadership skills. ¬†Barbara comes from a place of unconditionally loving with such focus and determination that one cannot help but to jump on the train with her. ¬†She is full of life, enthusiasm and most of all invaluable experience in fundraising while having a keen business sense that enables her to actually achieve her goals. ¬†I truly enjoy working with Barbara and am grateful for the fundraising team she suggested and we then put together. ¬†She has been an invaluable mentor for me and has always shown such support for me no matter what is going on. ¬†Everyone should be so lucky to have her as a mentor and coach, in business, fundraising or any other endeavor.” ¬†
-Kelley Raleigh 



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