Love to us women

I realized this morning, that women and mothers really do not get a lot of acknowledgement in life as well as being “judged” often for who we are and what we do.  We do so much, whether we’re moms or not.  We always try to do the “perfect thing”, be the “perfect thing”, say the “perfect thing”.  What’s up with that?

When I was a Senior in high school, I was an exchange student at Washington High, I was asked out for dinner a few times.  My girlfriends would say to me:

” Eat something beforehand, don’t eat a lot of food in front of your date”.  WHAT??????  I thought I was not hearing right!  Here I am originally from Europe, my Mom used to say when I was pregnant:” Honey, now you gotta eat for two”.  Well, that was music to my ears.  So, I had 2 Croissants for breakfast, then a mid-morning snack, a big lunch, an afternoon snack and then a BIG dinner WITH dessert~~hey who wants to skip dessert?

THAT was not “perfect”, “unacceptable” to my husband, as I had been lucky enough to have been fairly trim all my life.  I gained 50 pounds.  However, instead of ACKNOWLEDGING me for having HIS baby, for going through some tough times during delivery, I ran the tape in my head: ” I am fat, he will leave me for another one, he doesn’t even ackowledge how hard this all is”.

So: ACKNOWLEDGEMENT:  You know what?  It starts with YOU!  

Acknowledge YOURSELF!

 Give yourself credit for what you did today, yesterday and most probably every day.

 We women and mothers are multi-taskers.  We can handle anything.  

But do we get acknowledged for that?  

And more important do we acknowledge ourselves for it?  That’s the key!

Give youself a pad on the bag, have a “mirrior date”* with youself!  

Tell yourself what you have done and how proud you are of yourself!  You deserve it!  

By God, you deserve it!

Thus, summa summarum:

Acknowledge yourself and all you have done today!

Make up a list of all the things, you did.  Yes, including the lunches, or even “getting pretty”, putting on make-up, going to work, driving the kids etc etc etc

Feel good about yourself!

You’re worth it!

* “Mirror Date: to find out more about this process, call me or email me to: or call at 310-924-4911


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