The dessert life I want

I love chocolate, though it doesn’t alway “love” me.  I love dessert and I enjoy creating a dessert life for myself, my children and my family.

What do I mean by that?

I mean cooking up or creating a delicious dessert is a fun thing to do. It can be all kinds of things:

Chocolate cake


Berries and Cream


Whatever it is we like…….so I am thinking what if I use this “creating a dessert” for my life?

That to me that is a wonderful picture in my mind’s eye. Imagining to “dessert” up my life!

Thus I made up my mind for today–one day at a time– to bake up and to cook up “my yummy life” and to go for my dreams. One way I do this, is by sharing this blog. Another is to imagine, to then write this down, how I can create that perfect dessert-life!!!!!

So here I go into my kitchen and doing just that, while having myself a delicious treat!

Bon Appetit and here’s to your life!


Woman Power

What if we women–especially those of us who are over 40, 50 or even 60—could have what we want at this stage in our lives?

Some of us have lost our husbands, significant other or mate for whatever reason. Some of us feel we have reached a time in our lives where it is indeed time to live “that Life” we always dreamed of as little girls.

So, I ask you: what if that were possible?

What would it look like? Do you know? Have an image or a picture in your mind?

I do! My children are all grown–well, more or less! Most of them are “out of the house”. I now have the time to go for my dreams.  I know there are so many ways to get to the manifestation of our dreams.  There are classes and courses, tons of books and seminars.

Sometimes that is daunting to me and I ask myself:”Which one should I take? Which one speaks to me and my heart? Which one resonates with deep inside of me”? What is the answer?

To me the answer is sitting down in peace and quiet and giving myself the opportunity to feel what comes forward, what comes up in my mind’s eye. To allow myself to see what it is that I truly in the second part of my life want to do. Where do I want to spend my time? 

Maybe some us have jobs and the 9-5 grind is so overwhelming that we just don’t want to make the time for introspection. Yet, THIS is exactly what we need to do. Many of my friends in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s have decided to really “go for it”. To write a book, to create a seminar, to go back to school and get that degree we have always wanted ( I did ) and to just listen to our heart.  Most of all though, what really is present for me is, that we take a baby step. One step at a time.

It doesn’t have to be perfect! It doesn’t even have to be the “IT”. But to give ourselves~~and I include myself in this~~ the willingness and the opportunity to take a BABY STEP!  One day at a time, one step at a time. To have a vision, to believe we can do it regardless of what the world around us tells us.

To break the habit or pattern of “settling” or complacency, to love ourselves enough to take a step towards that which we truly desire in our hearts.

It’s simple and yet I agree not very easy, yet it is do-able.

Take a moment and “mulch”:

Write down in a notebook or a piece of paper what you really want. We women need and must give ourselves the chance to live the lives we always have dreamed of. And if not now, then the question is: “When”?

Thus love yourself to the point of making the time to sit down and write this out.

Ask yourself:”What is it I can do right now, today, tomorrow and next week to move this dream forward?”

Note down what comes up and most of all TAKE A STEP! One step at a time!

I believe in me and I believe in woman power!


Love and Light






Love Food and Cooking

On Easter I decided that I would have a fabulous BBQ or cook-out as my friend from the East Coast calls it. Here’s the menu:

We had:

Célérie Rémoulade as an appetizer with a nice cold glass of Pinot Grigio

Marinated barbequed Lamb chops with little baby tomatoes

Grilled Green asparagus and

Grilled marinated Japanese Eggplant and with all of this a nice glass of Cabernet.

For the piece de resistance–to finish up the dinner–we had

French Vanilla Ice-cream with organic blueberries and Nutella

It was so delicious! We both loved it and had such a good time.  We even went on the internet and looked up chicken coops as I want to put a chicken coop in my yard.  We also checked out different options of “making a veggie garden” and we came up with some great ideas.  I will put some planter boxes, which I already have~got them from a dear friend of mine in San Diego~and plant strawberries, radishes and carrots for starters.  Later on I will have a real vegetable/fruit garden in my yard together with my little chickens.  Can hardly wait.  So exciting!

I love food. I am what I call a “foodie”. And at the same time I believe in working off my extra intake of “food”. Thus I believe in simple and yet effective work-out. I actually think this word “work-out” is not very attractive.

So I began calling it a “play-out”! I go for a walk with my dog, or a little hike, or I even sometimes just walk the stairs in my house 10-20 times a day or hey even more. It makes me feel so good to have my endorphins give me a boost.

Thus I actually really love cooking, eating “delish food” and then to work it off. I can have my cake AND eat it.  Because I choose to have some “play-out” time.

Once I decided that I can actually eat all my favorite foods because the next day I will have my “play-out”, I felt so good about cooking it all and then eating it all.  You may want to try this yourself. I know the thought of working out doesn’t seem too appealing to most people or most women. Just try to turn it around. Do something you can actually enjoy. Once you try to walk at the beach, on a canyon, in a park, walk your doggie, go to a dance class–my daughter loves Zumba–climb the stairs of your house, walk around your yard or hey even just vacuum your house, you will see indeed, you will feel GREAT!  And you will feel good about having had all “that food” or “all that desert” the night before. Because you played it off! (:

I know! I have been there. And I AM there many times. 

So here is to a great Spring to all of us women!  Eat, enjoy, walk and have some “play-out” time!

It works! I know so, it does work! 

Blessings ahead for a great wonderful and fun Spring-time!



How about ME?

Is it selfish to think of “me”? Or is it following my dreams and goals?

Wow, what a question!!!!!  I heard someone say today that if we follow our dreams we actually are one with Spirit, creating joy and Blessings for ourselves AND the world around us. That’s a great thought, a wonderful concept!

I tend to agree!!!!!!  On an airplane they say to put on the oxygen mask on yourself FIRST before you put it on to your loved ones or maybe neighbor.  So….what does this mean????

When I take care of myself first, I am honoring a sacred process–I am not selfish nor arrogant.  I am letting the universe know that I count. I find this to be very helpful:

  • Close your eyes and imagine a beautiful scene
  • Allow yourself in this state to see and experience what you want to be or become
  • Give yourself permission to be audacious and do just that
  • No matter what: You come first
  • Allow this to sink into your consciousness
  • Then go and act on this in outer world reality

I am sending you light and loving


Health Care

I am originally from a country which has health care for all its people! There is not one person in Germany who does not have health insurance.  It doesn’t matter whether you are a “democrat” or a “republican”, everyone has it. It’s a way of life!

Why has it been so challenging for some people in our country to ACCEPT the fact that EVERYONE, EVERY citizen deserves to have health insurance?  I don’t get it!

It’s not just a privilege, it’s a necessity!  It is something we all must have, should have and most of all we all DESERVE to have!  

Please watch your local news and see what is happening.  Be informed!  VOTE when the dates for voting come up!  Vote for YOU and all your fellow countrymen.

We all deserve to be well, to be part of a good health care system!  It’s a BASIC fundamental life requirement!


With Blessings



I just spoke with a friend of mine.  Her Mom is not feeling well and she’s really concerned about her well-being.  This brings forward for me how vitally important it is that we take care of ourselves, yes ourselves.  Every DAY! It reminds me again how important it is that I get back to my exercise routine, that I once again after all these “holidays” watch my food intake and also that I share with my loved ones about their health!

My daughter’s boyfriend has been very sick, too.  It’s been really challenging to him and my sweet, dear daughter. Thus I am asking myself: is “this situation” emotional or is it medical? I have been reading in Louise Hay’s book about healing my body.  I have suggested this book to my family and loved ones and thus to look at their “pain” and medical situation.  Is it emotional–just remotely possible?–or is it plain and “simple” medical.

My thoughts are “attack it” from both angles: medical and emotional.  Thus:

  • Do affirmations
  • Watch your thoughts
  • Go to your doctor and have whatever is necessary done
  • Take herbal supplements
  • Watch what you eat
  • Go for a walk
  • Ride your bike
  • Do some sort of exercise–anything is better than nothing
  • Do an Ideal Scene or Visualization about your Ideal Well-Being

I have been NOT doing some of these things and today is one of those reminders again! Thus, here I am doing this all again!!!!!!!!!!!


To your health and to your Well-Being!



Happy Birthday!

I am celebrating my birthday early this year!  Last year I didn’t do much of anything and so I thought this year I will do it up!  Thus I broke out the bag of salt chips and watched a movie!

I decided that it is time for us women to celebrate ourselves! It’s time to give me “a break”. So I am now celebrating not only tonight but all day tomorrow on my actual birthday and then tomorrow night!

And you know what?  I love it!  It feels so wonderful to make self-honoring choices!  To be there FOR ME!  To celebrate my arrival on this earth, to love that I was born, to know that there is a spiritual reason why I was supposed to be here at this time.

So, here I am telling you all of this and having the bag of chips right next to me and then I will have some chocolate, and maybe even another treat and possibly even some “sour patch kids”, which I soooooooo love!

I am having a good time!  I am letting all of you know it’s time to celebrate US and WHO we are and to do so in the WAY we want to!

Well, there you go!

Happy Birthday, Aquarians!  I am one of them and I love it and I am celebrating it or rather ME!


Cheers again,


Death is so permanent

One of my dearest friend’s Dad passed away this weekend. It’s really sad and painful. My oldest son has been best friend’s with his grandson since they were babies.  The kids used to swim together in the pool, play, have play-dates and we all as families and friends had BBQ’s at our house.

So now dear sweet “Grandpa”, Dad and Father-in-Law is gone.  My heart goes out to all of them.  I feel the pain myself as it reminds me of the many losses I had in my family.  Death is so permanent! Honestly, tears are streaming down my face as I am writing this.

He was such a wonderful, loving, caring and giving man!  He was such a fabulous Grandfather, Father, Husband and Father-in-Law. He was from Europe as I am and I could so much understand many things we used to talk about being “foreigners” in another country.  He was gentle and kind and I loved to talk with him about “history”.  Our favorite subject was the WWII.  My, did he know so much about this.  He was like a history book!

He always helped out whenever someone needed him. At parties and gatherings he would bring his famous “deviled eggs”. Oh no, not the deviled eggs we know, no, these were Hungarian and special and just so delicious! I always knew when we would get together and there was food that “his deviled eggs” would be there.

I miss him too!!!!!!!!!! I really, really do! He was part of my kids’ growing up and part of my time here in this country! It’s sad and yet I know that wherever he is right now is better for him than before.

I am sending so much loving light and prayers to his family and especially his wife. I have you in my prayers! May God and all the Great Ones watch over her right now during this really difficult time!

Yes it is a very difficult time and yet I know that TIME will heal indeed, I have been there to some degree and I know!

Much love and Light and most of all: Love those who you love each day, tell them you love them, let them know how you feel, share your feelings with them and spend time with them.

In loving and with light



I just sent out an email to my Heart-Centered Business friends!  The theme is “paying it forward”.

What does this mean? Paying it forward? It means that you/we/I do something for someone in advance without expecting anything in return. It’s like practicing a random act of kindness or expressing loving stewardship. I love this topic and subject. It makes my heart feel good when I do something wonderful for someone else and when I choose to do so without RECOGNITION.

Why without recognition? Well, then the loving is really just done for the loving sake and not the reward! Thus I am practicing this paying it forward, random acts of kindness without being found out!

No OSCAR for this one!  Yet, the OSCAR may appear in a very different way.  No good deed in this universe goes unnoticed.  It’s like a boomerang.  Ahhhhhh, so now you might think, you’re going to do “this” for the goodness to come back to you?  Well, that won’t either!  The “Universe” KNOWS!

Do it just for the loving sake!  Do it just for the Blessings of another soul sake! Do it just for the giving sake!

Yep that is the formula!  Sounds simple! Easy? Well it might take some inner work first!  



In loving and with ease and grace,


Barbara Bassill


Rest is so important!

I discovered the last few days how vitally important rest is.  My son is sick, my husband is sick and everyone around me seems to be sick. Well it’s the time of the year when people get colds, flus and other things.

I do not want to be one of them.  Thus I decided that giving my body some rest would be the ticket.  I have been taking Ecchinacea with Goldenseal on top of it and I decided to have some Occilococinum(or however you spell that thing) and boy did it help!!!!!!!

I have been sleeping and resting even during the day as much as I can.  Even when I had to wait for someone I took a nap in the car while waiting. Thus my newest remedy for colds and flus is REST!

REST REST REST!!!!!!!!!!!

Love and Blessings,


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